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“Hvort viltu vera Maradonna að sígó”

These are the words that remind of my dear nephew Jakob Veigar, when we as kids were going to play football in his parent’s garden in Hveragerði. It translates to “would you like to be Maradona or Zico”. I think no one could imagine that he would become this great painter as he is today.


Jakob veigar after performing art

Jakob Veigar is a painter although he uses other media like light projection to explore painting further. He uses a variety of different techniques in many layers to invent his work. Inspired by things like, music, flow and architecture. A music piece becomes visual imagery which neither has a beginning nor an ending, only the moment endures. Metamorphosis causes disorder where the mind identifies with personal experience and the knowledge of individuality. Music turns into architecture and the architecture becomes figurative.

Check out Jakob’s website here