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Because Iceland is an Island, there are only two ways to get there, by air and by ship.  There are many airlines that offer flights to Iceland, but there is only one ferry. Most aircrafts land at the International airport in Keflavik.  In some occasions other airports are used, mainly because of weather conditions.


Iceland international airport: Flugstöð Leifs Eiríkssonar

Many airlines inform their customers that they fly to Reykjavik, but that is not the case, all these aircraft’s land at Keflavik (Reykjanesbaer).

There is one main airline that offers flights to and from Iceland, Iceland air.

When you arrive at the Keflavik airport, you might think you are at the moon.  Don’t worry, you are not.  Keflavik is about 40 minutes away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.

But how to go from the airport to the capital? There are many ways to do that.  You can take taxi, bus, rent a car or use private transfer, and some people hitchhike to the main city.