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Skogar campsite

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The campsite at Skogar is at a genuinely nice location. The view from this site is spectacular, Skógarfoss, the surrounding highlands like Skógarheiði and mountain Drangshlíðarfjall. Visiting Skogar is always a wonderful experience. Many tourists visit this area. Hiking fro...
Campsite Vik in Myrdalur

Vik Campsite

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The campsite at Vik in Mýrdalur is a popular campsite for travelers. The surroundings are is breathtaking. A lot of hiking trails like the mountain Hatta, mountain Reynisfjall and many other short trails around this campsite.  Reynisdrangar are very popular attraction and...
Campsite at Thjorsardalur

Campsite at Thjorsardalur (Þjórsárdalur)

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The campsite at Thjorsardalur (Þjórsárdalur) is in Sandártunga.  You will see a sign by the road leading to the site.  This campsite is in a very beautiful area and well situated.  Most of the site is covered with trees. Þjórsárdalur is a true hiking and outdoor...