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Icelandic water

In Iceland there seems to be endless amount of fresh water coming from the earth. Rain is quite common in Iceland, mountains are full of water, and the water filters through natural underground water tunnels and lava.  In the end, the water that you drink in Iceland is...

International airport

Because Iceland is an Island, there are only two ways to get there, by air and by ship.  There are many airlines that offer flights to Iceland, but there is only one ferry. Most aircrafts land at the International airport in Keflavik.  In some occasions other airports...
Alcohol consumption in Iceland

Liquor / alcohol

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Liquor is sold in special stores, called Vínbúð (Vinbud) or “Ríkið” (the government).  Why it is called by locals “Ríkið” is because these liquor stores are run by the government. There are many liquor stores around the country.  Many travelers do not know about opening...